Randy & Jamie Watson

Founders of The School Sessions

When Randy & Jamie learned about the destruction of ECCA School, they knew they wanted to help… & that’s where the idea for The School Sessions began.

One simple, but wild idea. “What if we could unite a global network of photographers and clients around generosity?” Photographers could donate portrait sessions, clients could give to the cause, and eventually, ECCA School would have a new building!

In early 2015, The School Sessions began with a goal of $215,000 – to purchase land and build a new school. And for the last 2 years, photographers around the world have volunteered portrait sessions during the month of April, with every session fee being donated to The School Sessions.

We’ve made incredible progress in the last two years. Purchasing land for ECCA, installing a water pump and starting construction on the first block of classrooms. This year, we aim to complete the entire project – with only $58,000 left to raise!

Our Amazing Team

Randy and Jamie Watson

Randy and Jamie Watson

Early on in their relationship, Randy and Jamie knew they were called to combine their passions for business and missions. The year they got married, The School Sessions was born. Jamie has been a wedding photographer in Vancouver, Canada for over 9 years and Randy is the Director of Missions at their local church. They’ve been to Haiti together multiple times.

Jack and Cherie Minton

Jack and Cherie Minton

The School Sessions is partnered with Hope Force International in Nashville, TN. Hope Force is a team of individuals passionate about using their expertise to inspire, equip and mobilize volunteers into areas of crisis around the world. Jack and Cherie have a special place in their heart for the students at ECCA School!

Rene and Marianne Lako

Rene and Marianne Lako

After the 2010 earthquake, Hope Force International established a permanent presence in Haiti. Rene and Marianne have served in the international missions field together since their first year of marriage, over 40 years ago. They live in a village near ECCA and work closely in the community with a child sponsorship program.

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