How do I hire a photographer?

Browse our list of photographers to find one in your city. Email your chosen photographer to confirm session details and donate to The School Sessions before your portrait session directly on our website.

I’m a photographer. Can I help?

Oh goodness, yes! We need you! Sign up here to create a profile. Share your involvement in The School Sessions with your network and book a client for the month of April.

Where will my donation go?

The School Sessions is partnered with Hope Force International, a registered non-profit in Nashville, TN. Hope Force receives all funds and has been overseeing the development of ECCA School using a trusted local Haitian contractor for the last year.

Why Haiti?

Close to 50% of the 10 million people in Haiti are under 18 years old. Almost half of those children don’t attend school – 2.5 million children missing out on an education. Education to a child in Haiti means a hope for the future!

$158,000 raised of $215,000




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