ECCA School was founded in 2007 in Haiti by Mr. and Mrs. Laguerre out of a passion to educate the next generation.

When the earthquake destroyed their school in 2010, the Laguerres continued to teach classes, allowing many kids from other schools to attend for free.

Mr. Laguerre remembers, “In spite of our building being destroyed, parents sent their kids to our school. They said: ‘You inspire in us faith, hope and a future for our children.’”

The School Sessions

By The Numbers:

Your support has raised $158,000 over the last 2 years.
2017 is our year. Let's raise $57,000 to complete ECCA School!

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The Future of ECCA School

Since it started in 2007, ECCA has grown from 17 students to a current maximum capacity of 220 students. Each year, the school adds a grade level to their classes – currently teaching up to Grade 10. When the new school is completed, the space will provide teachers with the ability to teach even more students!

The new ECCA School is comprised of 10 concrete classrooms in 3 buildings, including a library space and an office space. The classrooms will be earthquake- and hurricane-proof and provide a quiet space for students to learn. We’ve come so far in 2 years of fundraising. By completing ECCA School, we can be an encouragement to staff & students as they work diligently to make Haiti’s future bright.

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